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Just swung by to lurk, got done playing World vs World on Guild Wars 2 and before that was Playing Vampire the Masquerade table top in shawn Moretti's game called "a Shot in the Dark" lol :) been a good week. Gonna see my friend Issa Saturday i think so i am skipping out on the Annapolis larp i usually go to for VtM. Hopefully i will get around to seeing Bailey soon, been sometime. hmmmm... Christmas is coming so should be nice, Hitting Katsucon 2013 so that Def should be GREAT! been some time since i been to a Con. recently Saw Angelspit, went to Dracula's Ball in Philly which was a blast, so my good friends Alicia and Brad there...actually i saw A LOT of people there. been doodeling a bit here and there, my hands ache so cant write or draw for long now a days.

besides that just been thinking about my Father and going to check his Urn again soon over my Aunts, nothing much besides all that, works fine as always and Life is as it always has been, nice :3 hope everyone enjoys the Holidays and what not.


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I am From the East Coast and been lazy about uploading any art for the last 9 years lol, my father before he passed away taught me how to what he called "feather" shade wear you control an ink pen's contact with paper creating almost feather like strokes. i do a lot of simple black and white and my detail soes from novice to amazing depending on how motivated i am. i can be a slacker but there are times i do end up getting forealz, most those i have not uploaded and keep my Devart account up simply to Procrastinate about updating it and then shamefully crawling away in a rage of Apathy. besides that i go to Industrial clubs weekly and enjoy a game or two of Vampire the masquerade, Guild Wars 2 and associating with people. recently took a break from Cons but i do enjoy them. ummm... im 6'1 red hair and blue eyes, not much else besides the normal geek things i enjoy (Comics, Movies, Larping, smoking and go out and drinking.).

This is my Facebook: i am usually on here simply communicating with friends and bitching about something -

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It's utterly awesome ♥
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